untuk kamu..

when my tongue won't arrange any words for any sentences
when words can't come out from my mouth
and when all i can do just try to give you my best..

sometimes, something that i hate
happens to me, more often than what i expect..

all i know just
i'll meet you again, in the end of line called HOPE

recent song : u.n.b.e.l.i.e.v.a.b.l.e -mr. craig david-

It's so unbelievable,
And I don't want to let it go,
Something so beautiful,
Flowing down like a waterfall.
I feel like you've always been,
Forever a part of me.
And it's so unbelievable to finally be in love,
Somewhere I'd never thought I'd be.

In my heart, in my head, it's so clear now,
Hold my hand you've got nothing to fear now,
I was lost and you've rescued me some how-.
I'm alive, I'm in love you complete me,
And I've never been here before.
Now I see, what love means.

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