-- | dOn`T wAn+ To mIsS a ThINg --

i could spend my life in this sweet surrender
i could stay lost in this moment forever
every moment spent with you is a moment that i treasure..
i dont wanna miss one smile..
i dont wanna miss one kiss..
i dont wanna close my eyes..
i dont wanna fall asleep..
coz i miss you babe..
and i dont want to miss a thing..
cause even when i dream of you..
the sweetest dream will never do..
i just want to be with you..
right here with you, just like this..
i just want to hold you close..
feel your heart so close to mine..
and just stay here in this moment..
for all the rest of time..

(its all i want for now.. just like this lyric.. huhu.. hopefully!!)

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