++ what does "TRUST" mean to you?? ++

it must be something that someone else gives us..
and we must keep carefully..
no matter what your answers and definitions with this question..
just one thing that sure.. dont you ever try to abuse it..
no one can stand having someone abuse a TRUST given to him or her..
it dosen`t feel easy..
it hurts as well we rely on someone else by giving our trust to him or her..
it might be a trust of taking care of something..
and also a trust of keeping something secret..
or it might be a trust of letting someon do something for us or for him / her self..
so, by giving a trust to someone we rely on, we believe that he or she will do the best..
however, sometimes its doesn`t run just like what we expected at..
when someone whom we give a trust doesnt keep it...
we should understand.. coz nobodys perfect isnt it???
something very different will take place..
if someone whom we give trust doesnt keep it well..
because of his or her strong intention..
it makes us sick and hurt.. it really is..
we told him or her something hoping that he or she will keep the secret..
but then he or she reveals it... he or she does it happily..
he or she is happy can share the secret to other people..
so, it is clear.. that TRUST is something we should keep carefully..
once we abuse it, people never TRUST us...
by giving NO TRUST for us anymore..
if that is happen.. what can we do??
do you have enough TRUST for me to share your problem???

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